Furled Leaders – From Moonlit Fly Fishing. Fantastic Quality And Fun To Fish.

Trust me when I say – GO BUY SOME FURLED LEADERS!! After using Moonlit Fly Fishing furled leaders I’m sold. I have stayed away from furled leaders in the past and used mono or fluro tapered leaders but those days are over. If you haven’t tried furled leaders I would challenge you to give Moonlit a try and see what you are missing. Some advantage of furled leaders – They come out of the package limp with absolutely no memory. This can’t be said about mono leaders. Moonlit also attaches a tippet ring to the end of the leader which makes it simple replacing your tippet. I used these leaders 100% of the time this past trip (when not using a Tenkara set-up) and was dry fly fishing. The drift on a furled leader is phenomenal…. and they can lay a fly down incredibly soft. Like I said do yourself a favor and pick some up from Moonlit Fly Fishing.. guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Check them out at www.moonlitflyfishing.com

A Fantastic 0wt Fly Rod By RDP And A Redington Zero 2/3 Reel – Dry Fly Fishing Dream – Perfection!

One of our set-ups for the upcoming gear review trip. Picked up a fantastic 0 wt fly rod from Mark at RDP Fly Rods and a Redington Zero 2/3 Fly Reel with 1 wt. Rio fly line. Should be great for a little dry fly fishing on those tiny streams in the Valles Caldera.. Go see Mark’s work at www.rdpflyrods.com.

The Fly Box Everyone Is Talking About – And For Good Reason – The Tacky Box

Next product up – as they say on their website – The Fly Boxes Everyone’s Talking About.. so what’s the big deal?? Isn’t it just another fly box.. well it doesn’t seem so.. they boast an “Innovative Patented Silicone Anchoring System”. Gone are the days of crappy foam falling apart in your fly box. I’m looking forward to using these new style of boxes that have come out. Let the fly box review begin! – the big fly fishing gear review in the Valles Caldera National Reserve, New Mexico starts in about 2 weeks. Wonder if Tacky has anything else that’s cutting edge we need to try out…. check back in a couple weeks for in use photographs and reviews… Tacky Fly Fishing

UPDATE – Our new Tacky fly boxes are set up and ready to go tomorrow. First review of the trip – first time using a Tacky Original Fly Box. Very light magnets on the four corners which easily hold it closed but not too tight where it’s difficult to open. The silicone back is beyond superior to foam. Foam falls apart and has a memory where the silicone doesn’t at all. The hook easily slides and it doesn’t tear at all. Absolutely no reason to ever purchase foam boxes again. We will give an end of the trip update on how the Tacky Boxes held up after a few days of fishing. Fantastic product so far Tacky Fly Fishing.