Coming Soon – Battle of the Outdoor Gloves – The 4 Season Give’r Gloves vs. Hestra Ergo Grip Active 5-Finger Gloves

With winter upon us, we have decided to look at two pair of outdoor gloves to see who will come out on top. Being outdoor folk we have known the Hestra name for a long time but the Give’r gloves are somewhat new to us. We are in the process of tracking down a pair of each and running them against eachother to see how they both turn out.

The first pair we are going to look at are the 4 Season Give’r Gloves. Give’r gloves are based in Jackson, WY and as of the time of writing this short teaser we don’t know where they are actually manufactured but we should have that information once we publish the full review article in a week or so. We have had limited contact with the Give’r team with our only contact being with a gentleman named Hugh. He has been truly fantastic! But our idea to do a head to head was sent to his marketing team back almost 10 days ago with no response. This won’t stop us from tracking down a pair of the gloves and doing a fair and honest review.

The second pair we are looking at are the popular Hestra Ergo Grip Active 5 Gloves. If you haven’t heard of Hestra you really should climb out from under the rock you are living and give them a look. Sweden based Hestra has been making truly remarkable gloves since 1936 and up until now have been unmatched in our opinion. Our communcation with Hestra has been fantastic when reaching out for basic informatoin needed for our article. Hands down one of the best customer service groups we have encountered.

Please check back in a week or so for our full write-up of both pair of these gloves and possibly others if we locate something that might be comparable. If you are a glove nerd and have a pair of gloves that you think can give the Give’r and Hestra a run for their money please drop us a line and let us know what to look at. We can always put off a review a few days for the right product. You can email us at Yes we know that is a ridiculously long email address!

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