A Look at Two Different Foam Boat Fender Options

With all the boat fender options out there we decided to take a look at two foam options out on the market – The NautiCurl NautiFender ($44.99) and the Mission Sentry Boat Fender ($68.00). Over the Labor Day weekend our team beat these two fenders up and have our results. After using the Mission fenders over the past few weekends and now the NautiCurl.. the results are exactly as we expected.

As a group of avid boaters we have seen our fair share of fenders and most of them are average at best… until now….

For multiple weekends we have used the Mission Sentry Boat Fenders and honestly we liked them.. They were far better than the standard inflatable fenders that move all over the place but not by much. The concept of what Mission is trying to do is fantastic but the design and manufacturing process as lacking to say the least. Do they work great out of the package.. yes they do. Do they work long term.. no they don’t. The main problem with the Mission Sentry is the locking mechanism which didn’t last long on the fenders we purchased. Once the locking mechanism fails they won’t stay in place anymore. To add to the problems the Mission customer service is pitiful to say the least. We emailed Mission with the issues we were having and after over a week we have yet to receive a response. At this point we are done with the Mission. Poor construction and poor customer service…

Moving on to the NautiCurl NautiFender – Flat Boat Fender. Truly amazing is what one person in our group said and we all tend to agree. There are no mechanisms like the Mission so there aren’t any places these fenders can fail.. They are truly fantastic and we have no need to look elsewhere for a viable fender for all our boating needs.

Let’s look at the information from the NautiCurl website for more detail on their fenders.]

NautiCurl Innovative EVA Foam Flat Fenders (Boat & Dock Bumper)

Fender w/Rope (Reversible)

The NautiFender is Changing the Fender Game! The NautiCurl reversible modular boat fender or boat bumper was designed for flexibility, style, storage and protection in mind. The Flat profile and Tapered shape provides style while preventing ride up and rotating of the fender. The integrated cutouts prevent interference of dock lines and cleats. The 8 re-configurable attachment points assure ease and flexibility to attached to boat cleats, dock pipes, boat rails and the Nauti Fender works with all boat types (wakeboard boats, pontoons, fishing boats, sailboats, runabouts, PWCs). The EVA Foam material provides cushion to protect your boat while durable to avoid tearing and is resistant to fade. Voted The Best Fender of 2021!

  • Flat profile to prevent rotating and ride up
  • Integrated dock and boat line pass through
  • Layered Dual Density EVA foam construction to cushion impact
  • 2-Tone Colored Faces – Reversible design to change your fender’s look
    • Phantom Series
      • Fog Gray Face
      • Graphite Center Core
      • Gunmetal Gray Face
    • Midnight Teak Series
      • Teak Face
      • Graphite Center Core
      • Midnight Black Face
  • Durable diamond patterned textured EVA surface (sim to Seadeck)
  • UV resistant to withstand the sun’s harmful rays
  • 8 Re-configurable attachment points for flexibility to attach to wakeboats, pontoons, fishing boats, sailboats, PWCs, docks, beams, piers, dock posts and more.
  • Easy Stow – compact and stackable storage. Takes up a fraction of the space as a traditional inflatable round boat fender
  • Boat Line included
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 8″ x 2″
  • With 100% EVA Foam Construction – Fender will NOT deflate like traditional round boat fenders or boat bumpers.
  • Sleek and Stylish Modular Design – Make a Statement on your Pride & Joy!

There really isnt much more to say outside of go get a pair of NautiFenders and you definitely won’t be disappointed. They are truly fantastic fenders.

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