All Things Boating & Watersports Gear Reviews – First Up – The NautiCurl FLEX Wake Shaper Surf Gate

Since spring has arrived we have had numerous requests to add reviews for anything related to freshwater boating / watersports gear. Requests include, wakesurfing boards, wake shapers, wakeboards, slalom skis, inflatable tubes, etc. So.. we have decided to add these to the line-up.

Our first review will be for all those people that are wakesurfers and need the ever popular surf gate. If your boat isn’t one of the newer $200k+ models you might have a need for a standalone surf gate like the NautiCurl FLEX Wake Shaper Surf Gate. We have used a few different surf gate options out there and I have heard nothing but great things about the NautiCurl option so one is on the way to us to test out. Note… I was told by the people at NautiCurl that using two is the way to go so we will see if I can get my hands on another one to test how two is better than one.

Stay tuned… The NautiCurl FLEX should be heading our way and we will hopefully have it in time for next weekend.

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