SiOnyx – Color Night Vision – Turning Night Into Day…

**UPDATE** – A few weeks ago I wrote the post below on SiOnyx and their Night Vision products. During the past couple of weeks I have reached out to SiOnyx with questions and a request for information with absolutely no response from them. At this point I can’t do a follow-up article or recommend them. When a company can’t even respond to multiple emails about their products it makes you wonder if they even care about their customer or potential customers. In all the time we have done these reviews of products we have never had a company not respond to a customer service request for information. So… at this point I would suggest anyone looking at SiOnyx be very careful making a purchase without speaking with someone that has had a positive experience with SiOnyx.

In the past few weeks we have looked at a hand full of night vision companies and in the next week or so will be putting together a review or preview of Sionyx and their night vision offerings.

With applications for Boating, Hunting, Outdoor, Tactical, Surveillance, Sensors, Search and Rescue, Military and Law Enforcement these units meet almost everyone’s needs.

Check back in the next couple of weeks for a full write-up and for now head over to SiOnyx’s website to see what they have to offer.

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