The Wild Card – The 6’11” 5 Weight Fly Rod by JP Ross…

I have written about JP Ross in the past and decided to do a quick introduction to his Wild Card fly rod. This rod is a very unique rod as you can tell by the header. I for one have never used a 6’11” (7′) 5 weight fly rod but after researching it I have to admit it sounds incredibly appealing.

As you know I am a big fan of small streams so this rod is one I need in my arsenal and will definitely need to take on on the next gear review trip in the near future. We will be heading to southern Colorado to test out a good number of gear items in a few months and I will need one of these with me.

Handmade in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York you will find JP Ross and his amazing shop where he puts out some truly magical pieces of art and the Wild Card is only one of his rod offerings.

The JP Ross Cabin Workshop, R&D Center and all around Man Cave!!

Back to the Wild Card…. Instead of trying to recreate what JP says about the Wild Card why not just use what he has on his website. After all he is the one that came up with this cool but unique rod.

With the idea in mind that sometimes the best things come from mistakes…?   This rod is probably the best thing that could have happened to the Black Jack Carbon Silica Design. 

The Post it Note was a mistake trying to make a strong adhesive.

Coca Cola was an attempt to be a medicine.

The Potato Chip was intended to be a thin french fry. 

and…. the initial Black Jack was intended to be only an 8’6″ #5-6 fly rod…   who knew that its design may very well be better suited to be a short stout all purpose Fly Rod?  Well, thats how product design goes sometimes.  

The 6’11” 4-5 weight Wild Card is actually a very close sibling to the Black Jack 8’6″ #5-6 weight 5 piece because its the same blank but with only the first 4 sections.   

I suppose we could try and hide the fact that this rod is completely of its own design, but that would not make for an honest story…  so we are happy to disclose that we took an already original design and found a new perhaps better purpose for it.  

The 6’11” Wild Card is probably the most interesting and enjoyable rod I have made and fished.  It just has so much power for a little fly rod, and there is something about the line speed and momentum you can get from a 5 weight line that makes it just a dream to cast.  Unlike short light weight fly rods where you need the extra line speed to punch extra distance or carry a bigger fly; this rod does not need such an effort.  Just point it and load it where you want to cast and it does it all for you. 

The rod is also extremely durable and very strong for bigger flies and really big fish.  

Try it with a 4 weight for more delicate presentations and a 5 for bigger flies and more distance.  It roll casts well with both line weights.  

What is really fun though is catching fish on it.  the bend is remarkable, yet the rod still has significant power thanks to our Carbon Silica Technology. 

Trim wrap colors can be changed.  We currently offer. 

Custom inscription is also included and free.  Just add to the notes of the order.  

The rod comes with a cotton rod bag and aluminum case with engraved cap. 

So there is a quick introduction to JP Ross and his Wild Card fly rod. Go take a look at JP’s website and check out the Wild Card but also all the other amazing rods he custom builds in his NY Shop.

And.. JP cranks out some really slick looking t-shirts as well.

Check out JP’s website for everything he has going on.

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