It’s Time To Get Started Again After The Pandemic… First Up – PAKMULE Cargo Carriers

Good afternoon and we are excited to get started again with the outdoor reviews and previews that all of our followers want to see. In the next 3-4 days we are going to be doing a full preview of a great cargo carrier produced by PAKMULE. As a cargo carrier owner I can tell you they are a game changer for anyone heading out on their trips whether it be on a stream or into the woods. The cargo carrier that I currently own is all steel and horribly heavy. Not only is it hard to move around and store but also getting it hooked up to the back of the truck. The PAKMULE line of carriers are aluminum which is far lighter than steel and the way I will be moving forward.

So… I tracked down a Pakmule carrier since I don’t own one so I could take a look. The positives.. It’s light… really really light but you would expect that for an aluminum carrier rather than a full steel carrier like I own. A couple of things.. Will aluminum stand up to a beating like steel will? Is there truly any difference on your tow vehicle when having a steel rack weight rather than the light aluminum option. I truly doubt it but there might be a small difference. All my research leads me back to the difference in using an aluminum carrier in your receiver rather than steel is a very small difference which is almost irrelevant. In my opinion it comes down to how you store your cargo carrier between uses and how difficult is it to get it on your vehicle by yourself. As you can see by the price there is a large difference between the Pakmule aluminum carrier and a standard Harbor Freight/Wal-Mart steel carrier. The Pakmule comes in at $795 (Ouch) compared to a steel version that you can pick up for $150-$200. Would I love to try out a Pakmule = Absolutely but currently I have a steel carrier that I have had for 5 years and its still going strong and there is no need to put out $800 for one. For now I will just hold onto what I have but I have to admit the Pakmule is a really nice lightweight carrier for anyone that has the funds to drop on one.

Like I stated earlier I have seen a Pakmule carrier up close and they are fantastic carriers and I love the idea of being able to move it and put it on my vehicle without the struggle of a heavy steel carrier but… Communication… I have had a lot of emails back and forth with Kansas at PAKMULE and I have to say he has been great about getting back with me on every question I have asked. Customer service is a huge checkbox on my list and PAKMULE does a great job.

In summary.. if you have $800 to drop on a cargo carrier this is the carrier for you. It’s built incredibly well and it’s LIGHT… I love the Pakmule carriers but for now $800 is a little steep for me. Look them up at the website link below.

Thanks for your continued support of Bang For Your Buck Outdoor Reviews and we are excited to get back to providing the reviews you want to see.

You can visit PAKMULE’s website at –

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