Snug As A Bug In A Rug… Hammock Gear – The Epitome Of Warmth & Comfort…

You probably have heard of the phrase used in the title – Snug As A Bug In A Rug.. But if not you probably think I’m crazy.. Well.. the phrase was first used 1769 was first used to mean “very cozy and comfortable”. The first use of the phrase was probably alluding to a moth larva happily feeding inside a rolled-up carpet. Although we don’t want moths anywhere near our sleeping gear you get the point.

Hammock Gear was established back in 2009 just outside of Columbus, OH and they pride themselves on using only the highest quality materials to make their awesome products – like insulation products which is what we are going to briefly look over today.

I love this statement on their website – Drawing on the expertise of our team members, as well as the experience of our customers, we are constantly striving to improve our line of products preferred by hammock and ground campers alike. This combination of expertise and high expectation is the foundation of our mission as a manufacturer of outdoor recreational gear.

I have talked to numerous people that absolutely love their HG products. From my interactions with the company and the people there, they are different. It’s not easy to explain a feeling you get but when talking to them they are open, helpful, responsive and just plain nice and by the way they make amazing gear. Let’s dive into a few quick items.

HG has a couple different lines of Insulation for you to choose from and inside those two option (Economy and Premium) there area multitude of options you can select to drill down to exactly what you want.

First – Currently HG is running a sale on all STOCK and CUSTOM QUILTS ! Use “EQUINOX” at checkout for 15% off and any order over $99 receives FREE SHIPPING inside the USA.

Let’s first look at their Economy Top and Under Quilts.

Instead of me trying to reinvent the wheel below is what HG has listed on their site describing their Economy line.

I’m going to give you a quick glimpse at what their products are about with the description of the Economy Burrow Top Quilt… I think you will get the picture. With the numerous different options available for Economy Stock Top, Economy Under Stock, Economy Incubator Stock, Economy Incubator Custom…… and the list goes on.. It would take days to list everything. So below is a quick look at one of the products and you can head over to their website to see the full line and descriptions available. Below is a list of products with their corresponding link to the HG webpage.

The Economy Burrow top quilt works well for ground sleepers (make sure you order the wide width) and hammock sleepers alike.  With a Economy Burrow you can rest assured that when those temperatures plummet, you will remain toasty warm.  Our top quilts feature a half taper design and vertical torso baffles, which helps to make sure you have proper side coverage to your hips, while also saving a little bit of weight due to the tapered footbox.  We have two options for foot boxes, zipper and sewn.  The zipper footbox is more versatile, allowing you to unzip and lay the quilt out flat.  The sewn footbox should be utilized if you only camp in cold weather, and don’t need to vent the top quilt.  Each top quilt comes standard with grosgrain loops along the sides of the quilt to allow ease of attaching our Ground Pad Attachment Kit, which comes in handy if you sleep on an insulated pad.  Our Economy Burrow is 15-20% overfilled to help minimize down migration and prolong the loft of the down over time and use.

Hammock Gear is committed to providing down products that meet RDS (Responsible Down Standard).  RDS certifies that geese and ducks are treated ethically (no live plucking or force feeding) and the down is traceable back to the source.  Both our Premium and Economy quilts use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. 

The Temperature Rating corresponds to the Colors available for each quilts available in both Standard Width or Wide Width as well as Zipper or Sewn Footbox:

40° = Burnt Orange 20D outer shell / Charcoal Gray 20D inner shell

30° = Dark Olive Green 20D outer shell / Charcoal Gray 20D inner shell

20° = Moroccan Blue 20D outer shell / Charcoal Gray 20D inner shell

10° = Black 20D outer shell / Charcoal Gray 20D inner shell

0°   = Charcoal Gray 20D outer shell / Black 20D inner shell

Economy Top Quilts –

Economy Under Quilts –

Premium Top Quilts –

Premium Under Quilts –

Prices Range From $139.95 for an Economy Top Quilt and up depending on the customizable options you choose.. As an example here is what I plan on looking at in the near future.

Premium Burrow Custom – 10 Degree Rating – Standard Length – Wide Width (Because I sleep in a tent as well) – Zipper Footbed – 850 Down Fill (950 Available) – Overfill 2 Ounces (Overfill available in 1-4 ounces) – With a Ground Pad Kit – My Total is $334.94. And I selected probably the coolest color combo of Cobalt Blue Outer Shell with Burnt Orange Inner Shell!!

After dealing with HG for a while now I have the utmost confidence in what they are doing and bringing to us outdoors folk… Head over to their website and pick up an awesome piece of insulation at a discount. At the same time you are helping a great company during this amazingly difficult quarantine time. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with their products and especially their commitment to you the consumer. Hands down one of the best customer service groups around. Check ’em out…

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