My Thought Process On Gear Reviews And Why I Don’t Participate In Affiliate Programs…

First.. Yes I know the title is long but it is what it is! I have been asked multiple times in the past few weeks how I do reviews and why I think I am different. So here goes.

First.. Do I review the gear for what it is only.. It’s actually pretty simple for me. I write reviews about how I I like a particular piece of gear whether it be a fly rod, sleeping bag, pair of hiking boots or a tent. I also give my thoughts about the company that produces the gear as well. What kind of company are they, do they produce a great piece of gear and harm the environment at the same time, are they doing their part to preserve… I think you get the point. And lastly I give my thoughts about the people I have dealt with inside of those companies. I tend to tell it like it is and if a company has great products but the people aren’t friendly it gets included in my write-up. For me it’s a package deal. If you have a good product but the person I email or talk to is arrogant or off putting it’s going to get included and I don’t purchase from those kind of companies. It’s how I am. You may disagree but that’s your opinion.

Second.. I am asked all the time to be a part of company affiliate programs. Are they great programs.. usually so.. Do I participate in them? No! You ask why? Affiliate programs are great for people that do reviews and want to make money at the same time. Would I like extra money in my pocket while doing reviews and would allow me to purchase more gear to review? Absolutely. So why not… Well.. In my opinion, if I am a part of an affiliate program if makes things a little grey.. Am I reviewing the gear for what it is or is my ability to make money sending you to buy that particular item clouding my judgement to a degree. Also.. what is the perception of those that are reading my reviews. Does the reader take what I say with a grain of salt and question if the product I give a glowing review for is truly that great because I am a part of their affiliate program? As you can see this is a little sticky to say the least. Hence the reason I kindly decline offers to be a part of affiliate programs and keep doing what I do without getting paid to sell something.

That’s it.. Short but sweet explanation of what I do, how I do it and how I can sleep at night knowing I am giving an honest review of a product. As always thanks for your support by reading and sending all your great messages and keep watching for more reviews.

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