Tenkara Rod Co. – The Beartooth Rod – Collapses to 14″…

I have Tenkara rods from a couple different companies and I have to say they are a joy to fish. Are tenkara rods for everyone… maybe not. But if you haven’t tried tenkara fishing you really should give it a shot.

So today we bring you a great option for backpackers or people that just don’t have space when they are trekking out to a stream. Introducing the Tenkara Rod Co. and their new rod – The Beartooth !

Hold up captain… so what is Tenkara fishing? Well if you are a fly fisherman and have been living under a rock let me give you what Tenkara Rod Co. quickly describes as tenkara fishing. – Tenkara is a simplified method of fly fishing that comes from Japan.  With Tenkara, you use rod, line and fly.  There is no reel.  This is a fixed line style of fishing where you rely solely on the length of rod and line to reach your casting zone.

That should explain it and I have to say it’s fun and incredibly simplistic.

Now back to The Beartooth Tenkara Rod…

Background story of how the Tenkara Rod Co. started. Stolen from their website – Sorry Drew!! Lol

The founders of Tenkara Rod Co. are Drew and Tuna.  Drew spent 6 years of his life in Japan and has always had an affinity for Japanese culture, and Tuna had been an avid fly fisherman since he first discovered it.  When the two friends came together with this idea for a company built around the Japanese method of fly fishing it just made so much sense.

Tenkara Rod Co. was born on Kickstarter 7 years ago with our first project for the Teton and Sawtooth rods.  Since then, we have done multiple other kickstarter projects and shipped tens of thousands of Tenkara rods all over the world.  We definitely love to fish, but we also really enjoy helping other people to get outside and enjoy nature through Tenkara fishing.

As you can see Drew and Tuna like the Kickstarter path and the new Beartooth rod heads down the same path. This is now their 5th Kickstarter so they know what they are doing and as with most Kickstarters this is an opportunity to get an awesome product earlier than it hits the shelves.

From the Tenkara Site again….

Five years ago we released the Mini Sawtooth and Mini Teton rods.  They were our original pocket rods.  At 8ft and 12ft people always asked us what the difference was.  In an effort to make things less confusing we took elements from each of those rods and combined them into The Beartooth.  At 10ft. in length, The Beartooth is a perfect balance of our older rods, and is now our go to mini rod.

This is our fifth Kickstarter campaign. So by now we have experiences all of the challenges that come with running a kickstarter project and how to overcome them. We have been manufacturing Tenkara rods for 7 years now and we are confident that we can deliver a quality product on time. We have been testing and using this rod for over a year now and we are definitely ready to bring this to market.

Let’s look at the package options for The Beartooth…

The link to the Kickstarter is below and by looking at the page.. For a goal of $10,000 and pledged to date of $42,256 that should tell you something. PEOPLE LOVE THE TENKARA ROD CO!! And.. They want the new Beartooth rod!! So get over to Kickstarter and reserve yours today. I am!!

Video about the Beartooth Tenkara Rod below.. Give it a watch and click the K in the top left corner to direct you to the Kickstarter website dedicated to The Beartooth.

I am a huge fan of Drew and his company so give them a shot.. You won’t be disappointed.

You can also visit The Tenkara Rod Co. website to see all their amazing products at – https://www.tenkararodco.com/

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