RHEOS Sunglasses – A Great Polarized Option Without Breaking The Bank – And They Float!!

Everyone needs sunglasses.. Not sure people that fish but EVERYONE!! When I’m looking for glasses I have a few things I have to check on my list to fit my needs.

  • Are they polarized
  • Do they have a decent amount of style to them
  • Do they block the sun from burning my retinas!!
  • UV Protection
  • Great Warranty
  • and lastly… DO THEY FLOAT ??

When I first started talking to Rheos I was skeptical if a pair of sunglasses that were $55 would meet my needs and have any quality at all. And.. floating is a huge must for me being not only a fisherman but also an every weekend lake person.

Order was placed for a couple pair of Rheos glasses and I chose to go with the Bahias model. They fit the look I wanted and were at a great price point – $55.

Bahias (Sport) in Tortoise – Amber

The two pair of glasses arrived and came in a cool package.. At the end of the day this isn’t a must for me. I opened the box and inside were both pair of glasses and in a standard bag.

After getting the glasses out of their bag I looked them over and they are truly a good quality pair of glasses. Especially at a price point barely north of $50. The next test.. Do they actually float? THEY ABSOLUTELY DO!!

They FLOAT!!

Let’s back up.. Yes floating glasses are nice but there is a backstory why floating is a must.. As I said earlier I am an every weekend lake person. I am on docks, boats and in the water constantly and in the sun where sunglasses are a must. three years ago I was floating in the water with a large group, wearing my Oakley prescription sunglasses.. Someone decided it was a great idea to push my head under in their stupid drunken state and what happened? Yes my glasses were ripped from my face and before I knew it at the bottom of the lake. Now you know why floating in a must have in a pair of glasses I own.

I couldn’t be happier with my Rheos glasses as they definitely check every box on my needs list.

Enough of my stories.. Let’s go over some information about Rheos glasses and in particular the Bahias (Sport) I own. As usual when I do a review I steal content from the actual website of the product and this review is no different. Why would I try to describe the features of a product when the company has done a good job themselves… So here we go and thanks to Lejend and the Rheos team!!

About The Bahias

Polarized Floating Sunglasses – Bahias

The Bahias frame is dedicated to one of the best kitesurfing locations in the western hemisphere, Bahia Salinas in Costa Rica (though we may be a little bias because that is where our team first learned to kitesurf so many years ago). The mini sport-style frame is perfect if you are looking for a smaller fit of an athletic style, complete with full-wrap for wind protection.

Nylon is the biggest innovation in eyewear since polarization. The science behind our new Nylon Optics collection means every fisher, boater, surfer and mermaid-in-disguise will have clear vision on the water without any optical distortion. And unlike heavy, bulky shades, our lightweight floating frames will never sink.

Beginning in 2020, all Rheos shades will be outfitted with the latest innovation in sunglass technology: Nylon Optics. These lenses are clearer than glass and light enough to be the most comfortable sunglasses you’ve ever worn. This technology allows us to develop optics of the highest quality and class at an accessible price point like no one else in the world.

How Do They Float?

The basic principles of buoyancy apply: when an object displaces water, the heavier of the two sink. Meaning, if 2 oz. of water is displaced and the water weighs just barely more than the object, then the water sinks and the object floats. With that in mind, our frames are made of the highly durable and ultra-lightweight specialty Nylon material. These frames weigh approximately 30% less than similar sunglasses moulded in polycarbonate, all while maintaining a hyper-durable structure to ensure comfort for long-term wear and floating capability. Because our shades weigh less and displace the same amount of water as standard frames, ours float while theirs sink.

How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

Light is made up of waves traveling in different directions. Vertical light is useful to the human eye; it helps us see. But when light strikes a flat surface, such as a lake, snow, or even your car or boat windshield, it changes to horizontal light and creates a glare. Polarized sunglasses block horizontal light, so you don’t see the glare. And nobody likes glare. It’s just about that simple.

And.. there is a lot more information on the Rheos website.. Below is a link to check out and better understand how they make their glasses and explaining the features. I have to admit.. I actually learned things about sunglasses that I didn’t know just from reading this page. Truly great information!


  • + Sport frame shades for men and women
    + Polarized NYLON lenses as clear as glass
    + 100% UV protection and polarization
    + Long-lasting comfort with featherlight frames
    + Floatable design for life on the water
    + Outstanding impact and scratch resistance
    + Backed by our Saltwater Promise
    Designed with love in Charleston, South Carolina.

    Did you know? A portion of your purchase will go directly to nonprofit organizations that defend our coastlines and waterways.

**NOTE** It should’t have to be said but I will say it anyway.. I picked up the Bahias as they filled what I needed in a pair of sunglasses. Obviously Rheos has far more models than the Bahias.. Below is a link to the page of different models they offer.


And.. Not only do they offer sunglasses for adults they have a kids line as well! AWESOME!!

Lastly let’s give you a little background on Rheos Nautical Eyewear. From the Rheos website (again!)

Our story is the same as yours – We love life on the water.

The Rheos Story

Like you, we feel most at home when surfing, fishing, kayaking, you name it. If there is a body of water nearby, we’re there! But we want to be protected while we play. 

Sun damage is up to four times more harmful when reflected off water’s surface, yet only half of Americans wear sunglasses when near a body of water. Why? Fear of damage, sinking or loss. We believe your sunglasses should protect you and not the other way around. 

 That’s why we designed the best sunglasses for the water. No more sinking, no more breakage. Just adventure.Since launching in 2016, we’ve grown a strong community of fishers, paddlers, surfers and mermaids-in-disguise.

Who We Are

We are paddlers, fishers, surfers, and mermaids-in-disguise. We didn’t just make floating sunglasses. We made the best sunglasses in the world… and then we made them float. 

Our team is small but mighty. Based out of the coastal city of Charleston, SC, we need water to breathe.

The Rheos River

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus.  Rheos is the Greek word for river current. Just like our brand philosophy, a river is constantly flowing, constantly changing, and most importantly, it carves its own path.

Doing Good

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we promise to give back at least 1% of our annual revenue to nonprofits that support environmental causes. 

We partner with local groups to advocate for our waterways, and as a team we regularly volunteer to keep our beaches and marshes clean.  

I know that was a lot of information but after using the Rheos sunglasses I am passionate about what they are all about and the products they are putting out there… Give them a try and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Now I just need to get my hands on a few more pair! Next Up.. Maybe a pair of Coopers (Square) in Gunmetal Thermal and Waders in Gunmetal Gunmetal… As you can see there are a lot of options and I need more!!

Check them out!!


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