Six Days And Counting – Big City, Polo Clubs, Amazing Steak and Wine and Chasing Giant Golden Dorado With Alejandro Pozzi…


In a short six days I’ll be driving to the airport with my lovely wife and will begin the long trek to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Leg one gets us to Dallas and then the long 11 hour overnight flight to Buenos Aires. Over the 10 days in Argentina there will be lots of steak and wine with fly fishing and a trip to the Polo Club. Should be a memorable time.

Check back for a few posts while we are down there. There will be a few fishing posts but we might sprinkle in a few posts about Buenos Aires in general to give people an idea of what can be seen and done in this cool city. So.. Let’s go over some of the details of the trip…

Lodging… Since we will be there for 10 days we have decided to split our time between two different hotels.

Four Seasons Buenos Aires

The Lodging – Two Amazing Places

Nights 1-4 we will be staying at the Fours Seasons Buenos Aires. Who wouldn’t want to stay at a cool place like that.

Nights 5-8 we will be at the Melia Recoleta Plaza. Another great looking hotel. We opted not to go for the rustic lodge feel this time around.

The Melia Recoleta Plaza Hotel – Buenos Aires

The FoodMeat, Meat and More Meat and Then Some Wine

The national dish of Argentina is Asados which is a variety of barbecued meats and then wash it down with a bottle or two of Malbec. One night we will be giving Las Nazarenas a try. From the many recommendations I have received this is the place to be. Mark it down!!

Las Nazarenas

The GuideThe Man / The Myth / The Legend – Alejandro Pozzi

When traveling to a foreign country there is always a slight level of unknown you are dealing with and when fly fishing the need to find a great guide is incredibly important. So when I started my research of the best fly fishing guides in the Buenos Aires area everything kept coming back to Alejandro Pozzi… Initially I reached out to Alejandro and laid out what my plan was for the trip and that I would be doing gear reviews and he was 100% on board. I’ve never dealt with a guide that was more accommodating and willing to share information than Alejandro. The guy is absolutely solid in my books and I can’t wait to fish with him.

Alejandro Pozzi and a Beautiful Golden Dorado

The Gear – Bring On The 8 Weights

As with any time you are on the water there are numerous pieces of gear you take and use but we are going to start with a quick look at the two fly rod/fly reel combos we are taking.

Combo 1 – Scott Tidal Fly Rod – 9′ 8 weight / Redington Behemoth 7/8 Reel / Rio Summer Redfish WF8F Fly Line

Combo 2 – Moonlit Lunar S-Glass 8’6″ 8wt Fiberglass Fly Rod / Big Y Fly Company – The General 7/8 Reel / Rio InTouch Big Nasty WF8F Fly Line

So we are taking a graphite rod and a fiberglass rods with two fairly similar reel types but different lines on each reel. Two totally different rod and reel setups and I would image will fish different as well.

Check back in a week for another post after we arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina!!

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