The Neatice Bag Is The Answer To Your Melted Ice – Soggy Food Problems…

If you have ever used a cooler for any length of time you know that the time is coming during the day that you are going to have melted ice/water in your cooler. And.. If you have food in the cooler you now might have soggy food. Why?? Because dumping ice into a cooler is a great idea until it starts to melt. The days of soggy food, drinks floating in melted ice water are over!

The Neatice bag is fairly simple and easy to use. Fill the bag with ice, secure the zip top closure, roll the top down and secure the first velcro strip then secure the second velcro strip.. And now you have a totally enclosed ice bag. Brilliant!!

So.. fast forward to the next day.. Now you have a bag full of water… Simply insert the included drain tube into the valve at the bottom of the bag and drain the water… Fill it back up and you are good to go again. Oh.. and just a reminder.. NOTHING IS WET IN YOUR COOLER!! It’s simply fill and drain and fill and drain.

Now let’s go over the length of time it stays cold.. Well.. that is going to depend on your cooler. I tested this in a Grizzly 165 quart cooler.. No it doesn’t fill the entire cooler. I am going to pick up a couple more just to be able to do a full cooler of the Neatice bags and review but so far I have to tell you I am truly sold on this ice bag. Back to length of time the bag holds ice… In all actuality it depends on the cooler you are using. Are you using a $500 Yeti or a cheap $25 Coleman. Yes it makes a difference. You aren’t going to buy these bags and throw them in your cheap cooler and extend your ice time for hours more. Nope.. these bags are going to extend your ice time a little but the real winner is you aren’t going to have sloshing water all over the place that got your food soggy.. These do exactly what they are supposed to.. KEEP THINGS DRY!

So.. you might be asking yourself.. Why don’t I just use large gallon size ziploc bags? Well you could do that but they will pop open and you are back where you started. I know personally this isn’t a great option. Regular Ziploc bags just don’t work like the Neatice bag..

Here’s a quick look at what is listed on the Neatice page.


  • Fabric: 420 Denier Nylon – BPA free, light, smooth and strong
  • Lining: TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) – BPA free, potable water safe, abrasion resistant, microbial resistant
  • Zipper: TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) -BPA free, potable water safe, microbial resistant
  • Drain Hose: 10″ Silicone – BPA free, potable water safe, durable and flexible with on/off valve
  • Weight (with drain hose, empty) : 5.6 ounces
  • Dimensions (when full) : 15in x 9in x 6in
  • Capacity: up to 10 pounds of cubed ice

There are a couple of options to purchase.. You can pick them up on the Neatice website or on Amazon. Currently they are (1) $39.99, (2) $74.99 or (3) $99.99. If you have a large cooler pick up three of these bags and you won’t be sorry.

If you have any questions drop Scott a line at or Or you can give him a shout at 518-796-4817. Don’t worry.. He has that number listed on the website so I’m not giving out something he doesn’t want made public. The contact I have had with Scott has been exceptional.. He is incredibly responsive and open to answer any questions you have. He’s a solid dude

I am going to stray for a second from my normal way of writing reviews because I want to give you some info on the two inventors/owners/outdoors folk at Neatice… There are times you run into a product and wonder who the heck came up with this brilliant thing so here you go.


We spend every moment of our free time in the outdoors and strive to maximize the enjoyment of that time. NeatIce was envisioned to save food, save water, and maximize the fun while eliminating the hassle of the common messy cooler problem.

Scott Kraeger is the inventor and designer of NeatIce and has been playing in the outdoors ever since he was knee high to a grasshopper. He grew up in the snow belt of Upstate New York and spent over 20 years as a forester in the Adirondack Mountains. He and his wife, Emily, and dog Moxie moved to Colorado in 2015 to enjoy all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. He worked in the bicycle and outdoor sports industry for a few years before chasing his ultimate dream of developing a product in the outdoor sporting goods world that would truly solve a problem and add to outdoor enthusiasts overall good times. 

Emily is the co-creator of NeatIce, a science professor and an enthusiastic outdoorswoman.  Her training in the science of ecology has inspired and informed the role of NeatIce in conserving water and reducing food waste. She loves to cook creatively in the camp kitchen and develop delicious cocktails for apres adventures. 

Moxie also enjoys all things in the natural world. Her favorite pastimes include playing ball, swimming, chewing sticks and chasing squirrels. When not playing in the great outdoors, Moxie can be found either barking at the mailman or holding down the couch at NeatIce HQ.

So jump on their website and pick up a product that will say goodbye to soggy food and floating drinks. You won’t be disappointed!!

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