Furled Leaders – From Moonlit Fly Fishing. Fantastic Quality And Fun To Fish.

Trust me when I say – GO BUY SOME FURLED LEADERS!! After using Moonlit Fly Fishing furled leaders I’m sold. I have stayed away from furled leaders in the past and used mono or fluro tapered leaders but those days are over. If you haven’t tried furled leaders I would challenge you to give Moonlit a try and see what you are missing. Some advantage of furled leaders – They come out of the package limp with absolutely no memory. This can’t be said about mono leaders. Moonlit also attaches a tippet ring to the end of the leader which makes it simple replacing your tippet. I used these leaders 100% of the time this past trip (when not using a Tenkara set-up) and was dry fly fishing. The drift on a furled leader is phenomenal…. and they can lay a fly down incredibly soft. Like I said do yourself a favor and pick some up from Moonlit Fly Fishing.. guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Check them out at www.moonlitflyfishing.com

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